Tudor Prince Date Day – Best Alternative to the Rolex Day Date

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Let’s be honest. You wouldn’t have clicked on this article if your AD was calling you back about a Rolex Day Date. So let’s talk about its best alternative – the Tudor Prince Date Day.

It’s no surprise that the Tudor Prince Date Day is such a popular option for someone getting into luxury watches. To most people, it looks identical to a Rolex Day Date, mainly because it is.

But the Tudor stands out in one big way – mainly being that anyone can find an imported one online for a reasonable price. And there’s no point in going on about the Rolex being better. For starters, if you can’t get one, it doesn’t matter. But more importantly, with this watch being such a great starting point for a collection, I just don’t think it matters to them.

So let’s talk about what makes this watch such a great value when compared to its big brother, the Rolex Day Date.

Tudor Prince Date + Day Design

The Tudor Prince Date Day was available in markets outside the US. So for the most part, you’ll only be finding them from dealers who have imported them or second hand. Being my first real timepiece, I had concerns about this until I realized how common it was and how to find reputable imports.

The Prince Date Day was also available in a variety of different specs, including champagne, gold, and linen (a bit harder to find but a stunning piece to have). Most commonly, you’ll see them in the US with arabic numerals, stick indexes or diamond indexes.

The watch itself has a 36mm case diameter, 20mm lug width, a classic fluted bezel, and 100m of water resistance, not that most people would ever need that.

But this is all information you can find everywhere else about the watch. Let’s talk about what actually matters – the experience and my impressions of the watch after a year of ownership.

Admittedly, the watch is the outlier in my collection. Most of my watches are sports models, but the Tudor is much more geared towards a dress watch than anything utilitarian. The piece itself is a bit more bold than what I’d normally go for in the morning when choosing a watch, but I like that about it.

Frankly, I think the design is what I love most about this watch, and it’s hard not to go on and on about how good it looks. The fluted bezel is a timeless touch (no pun intended). In a lot of watches, adding diamonds gives it some awkward early 2000s flash that I’m normally not interested in. However, in the Tudor, it’s kept tasteful and simple.

Not everyone will love the diamonds, but for those that don’t, there’s the option of Arabic numerals and stick indexes.

I could go on for much too long about how good the watch looks, but I think it ultimately speaks for itself. It’s a classic design that has aged well since the 1950s predominantly through it’s Rolex brother.

Wearability of the Tudor Prince

Moving forward, there’s the topic of wearability. This is so commonly debated because what works for me might not work for you, so this is all just my opinion.

As much as I love my OMEGA Seamaster, it’s tedious to wear all day without wanting to take it off and lay it on my desk. It’s a chunky dive watch meant for utility. It wasn’t really designed to sit on the wrist at a desk all day. However, the Tudor is quite the opposite. Being only a 36mm diameter, it sits well on the wrist and doesn’t feel obnoxious when trying to type. It doesn’t bounce around like a larger dive watch, making it a great piece to wear around the office or for a night out.

Add to that, the bracelet is light and easy to forget about through the day. Being in Florida, it’s pretty uncomfortable to spend more than a few minutes outside in the summer with a watch on. However, even recording this video drilled in the fact that this watch is easy to wear in the heat of Florida without being too uncomfortable.

One Year Quick Review

Admittedly, I was disappointed with how light it was when I first took it out of the box a year ago. My first impression was that it felt cheap. But I think this was my own bias and expectation. Prior to this watch, the most expensive piece I had was a cheap $200 dive-inspired watch that was clearly adding weight to feel more expensive than it was.

So taking this out of the box, it did feel a little cheap from that perspective. Frankly, after 24 hours, it wasn’t a concern. I quickly understood why it was so beneficial to be a lighter piece for a dress watch. It didn’t have to pretend to be a quality watch because it just is.

After over a year with it, I’m still happy with it. It’s a bit too dressy for how I would normally dress (clearly), but it’s nice to have for a more formal occasion or even to dress down with a t-shirt and shorts for the blazing summer days going to the office. I wish I had a point to complain about to add some spice to the video, but I just couldn’t think of any. It’s a wonderful watch to wear, bringing me to the next topic – value.

tudor date day gold dial

Value: Rolex vs Tudor

When it comes right down to it, it’s cheaper than the Rolex simply because it doesn’t have the Rolex name on the dial. Comparing it to a Rolex Day Date, I can’t tell the difference. Watch nerds may be able to give specific differences in movements and whatnot, but I don’t think that’s who this watch is targeting. And frankly, if a movement is all you’re interested in, maybe a Day Date from Rolex isn’t what you’d be considering anyway.

Ultimately, this is an entry-level luxury watch from the Tudor brand, and while it’s fun to geek out over specs, it’s just not what most people buying this watch are looking for. They’re wanting value for money. They want the watch to appear more expensive than it is, and that’s where this excels. It doesn’t skimp on the geeky details and is proven to be a reliable, quality timepiece. But as far as I can make out, the only difference is the brand name.

The Rolex may hold value better and may be a better choice if you want to resell it one day. I can’t argue that. But for what this is, I don’t think there’s a better alternative to the Rolex than this right here.

Champagne vs Gold Tudor Date Day

tudor date day gold vs champagne dial

So real quick, let’s compare the Champagne and Gold. We bought these are a celebration for a successful year in our company, so we wanted to get watches that were similar but had their own difference unique to what we both like. They’re both great options, but they have their own strengths depending on your personal preference.

Nic preferred the textured dial of the gold because so many dress watches have flat dials. It gives the dial a voice that is more unconventional than other dress watches.

I, on the other hand, actually preferred the flat dial of the champagne. The more sleep and modern take on a classic design is something I greatly appreciate.

I don’t think there’s a better or worse choice here, but I will say, I think both of us would love to add the linen dial to the collection as a more daily wearable piece. Neither of us dress in more than a polo for the office because it’s ultimately just us here. So having a more muted piece would be nice, but I do prefer having one watch in the collection that can be worn to a more formal even… for the one time a decade I get invited to one.

tudor prince date day gold

Final Thoughts

So while it may be a bit flashy for someone to wear every day, the Tudor Prince Date Day is a perfect watch to keep in the rotation. It’s a fantastic piece to have for everything from working at the office to a nice dinner out. But if you’re searching for the Rolex look at an even cheaper price, be sure to check out this video on the best cheap alternatives to the Rolex look. And don’t forget to subscribe. We’ve got some amazing watches coming up that you won’t want to miss.

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